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Arch Assembly

Wrought Iron Arch Assembly


Below is our guide to assembling and installing your arch. Make sure to fully assemble the arch before fixing in place. Please contact us if you have any questions! 

1. Before assembling your arch, lay out all of the pieces. All nuts and bolts are provided, and you will need two 13mm spanners to fix them in place. Start with the sides and do the arch top last.

2. Assemble the middle nut and bolt first and then the outer ones. Do the nuts and bolts up loosely with your fingers to start with and only tighten them up when all are in position. Use two spanners to fix the nut and bolt, one to hold the bolt in place and the other to do up the nut.

3. Mark the position of the side pieces in the ground before you erect the arch, this will make sure that you get a true arch shape.

4. Your arch will be fitted with either push-in legs or base plates. The push-in legs are designed to be pushed into the ground to a distance of 300 mm. If you have base plates, make sure you place them on the ground at the correct distance for the arch legs and mark the centre of the holes. Drill the holes with a 12mm drill bit and then secure the base plates with the anchor bolts provided. 

5. If your arch has been galvanised it will not rust. Occasionally during the first few months a white deposit or stain may leach through, but this is nothing to worry about and can simply be wiped off.