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Restoration and Repair

Bringing a new lease of life to your gates and railings

Restoration and Repair Work


Our craftsmen have the skills and experience to renovate, restore and repair wrought iron gates and railings. We offer this service for both individual items and as part of larger projects and are happy to work alongside you or contractors to achieve the best results. 

Changing or restoring the colour of your gates and railings will produce a fresh, clean look and can be used to create a new image for your property or as part of a restoration process. We can shot-blast gates and railings to remove any previous finish, before galvanising and powdercoating them in any RAL colour of your choice. The galvanised hot zinc dip that we use has a 25 year guarantee.  

Small changes to the structural design of a gate or railing can be achieved with the replacement or addition of finials and post tops. A selection of the finials and post tops we provide is available here but if you have a different design in mind then please let us know as the choice is endless! 

We are also able to repair structural damage and can advise on the best way for repair work to be carried out. We will always strive to produce results that are in-keeping with the property and as close to the original as possible. 

Please contact us to discuss the nature of the restoration, repair or renovation work required and we will be happy to provide advice and a guideline price.

Renovated church gates

Restored double gate

A new kissing gate incorporating a renovated garden gate